✔ 100% Legit

✔ Fully confidential (No one will know)

✔ Money-back guarantee (Full refunds if you are not satisfied)

✔ Secure Payment method (PayPal, credit card/debit card)


    ✔ 100% Legit

    ✔ Fully confidential (No one will know)

    ✔ Money-back guarantee (Full refunds if you are not satisfied)

    ✔ Secure Payment method (PayPal, credit card/debit card)

      why we are the best


      Guaranteed A/B Grades

      Our class takers provide complete money-back guarantee on A/B grades. If the committed grades are not delivered, the entire amount is refunded.

      Best Online Class Experts

      We hire only the best online class doers that can take exams for you with complete confidence!

      Highly Confidential

      Our exam taking service is highly secretive and confidential. Your college, university or teachers will never know that you pay someone to take online class or exams for you.
      These are our top paid course help services

      Our Class
      Help Services


      Take my Class

      We can take your complete online class for you! Sit back and relax while our course experts do your course for you.

      Online Exam Help

      People ask, “Can I pay someone to do my exam for me?” The answer is, Yes! Our exam help service has you covered.

      Homework Help

      We can help with your homework with absolute quality and amazing grades. Book homework help service today.

      Test Help

      Get best test and assignment help with guaranteed A grade! Our team can do assignments or tests for you at any given time!

      Reasons To Trust TopClassTaker

      We are also offering you the following services along with the help you with your online class:

















      Q) How does this all work?

      The process is very simple.

      Step 1: You will provide us all the details of the onlineclass/exam/homework including your desired grade, deadline and education level.

      Step 2: An expert of the subject will be assigned to the task.

      Step 3: Expert will contact you via Text/Call or email as per your ease.

      Step 4: All your class assignments, exams, assignments, quizzes, discussions, responses and labs will be done by the expert from that point.

      The expert will be in constant communication with you via call/text and will be updating you with all the grades and progress of the class.

      Q) Is this secure and confidential?

      A) Our class assistance service is completely confidential. Your teachers, college or university will never find out that you hired a subject expert to do your class for you.

      Q) Is your class helping service legit?

      A) 100% yes, the biggest proof of the legitimacy of our class taking service is that we offer full refunds if you are not satisfied for any reason.

      Q) How do I pay?

      A) We only use payment methods that are not only completely safe but also provides you refund guarantee. We use PayPal, Credit Card and Debit cards for payments and you can claim your refunds on all these platforms very easily.

      Q) What are the refund guarantees?

      There are multiple guarantees:

      1. Payments are done only via PayPal, Credit card/debit card and these are channels that guarantee refunds/charge backs.

      2. We have more than 350 satisfied clients and are highly ranked website on Google for these services, of course we are not going to hinder our reputation for a few dollars which could cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      Q) Will I be able to contact the class expert doing my work?

      A) Yes! As soon as you place the order, your assigned expert will text you or call you on your phone (whatever you prefer). You can always call and text him if you want.

      Q) Are Payments upfront?

      A) The payments are upfront as we pay our contracted class experts upfront as well. However, all the payments come with an complete-money-back guarantee in case if you’re not satisfied with the committed grades or service.

      Why take my class for me?

      Because in the words of a famous author, you can get back the money you spend but not the time. Sit back, relax, complete your house chores, give your loved ones the time they deserve while we do the online class foe you.


      I was searching for someone to tak my online class and as I knew my friends have taken their class taking services for a long time and never had any problems. They are quick to address all concerns of students and will help to teach effectively.

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      Subjects We Offer Help for

      In order to Cater Students Of All Academic Backgrounds We Offer A Large Variety Of Subjects Wise Help

      Biology Class help

      Several students have planned to pursue medicine for their career, and they are also required to study various organ systems and functions. topclasstaker.com can help you achieve the best grades by providing the best online help if you ask them “do my biology class”.

      Masters & PhD Experts
      Best Biology Class Help
      Online help for biology

      Computer Science Class Help

      Students who have an interest in software have to go through computer languages and software programs. You as our customers do not have to worry about grades, we are here to provide you with the best online class takers. You can ask us to:

      Do my programming class
      Do my programming exam
      Computer exam help

      Chemistry Class Help

      Students ask us all the time to “do my chemistry class” and If you are struggling in chemistry class then contact us today and we will help you in your chemistry online class. We will help you get the most refined online help.

      PHD experts of Chemistry.
      Best Online chemistry class help.
      Chemistry exam help.

      Mathematics Class Help

      Mathematics a subject of great struggle, and to understand this difficult process we are here to provide online class taking services for you to help with your online class. You can pay someone to take math class with guaranteed A-grades today. Pay someone to do my math class.

      Cheap math test help
      Experts are PhD in Mathematics.
      Best Mathematics class services.

      Online course help

      Students who want to understand the mental wellbeing of human beings, have to study psychology with different models and theories about different branches of psychology. However, you do not have to think about your grades, we topclasstaker.com are here to provide you the best assistance and inline help.

      Psychology class help
      Do my Psychology class
      Psychology exam help

      Statistics Class Help

      Should I pay someone to do my class? Yes! our Statistics is a challenging subject to analyze the data and to interpret it and we are here to provide you with our best class doer services for your online class help. Our experts will help you learning tools and how to analyze it

      Cheap class help service
      Best statistics class takers

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